Actions You Need To Take If Injured By A Hit And Run Driver

Anybody that gets hit by a motor vehicle must do certain things. Those are tasks that need to get completed, even if the identity of the negligent driver remains a mystery. For example, the victim of any accident needs to seek medical attention. After a hit and run accident has taken place, a listing of the victim’s tasks becomes a bit longer.

If you have been injured by a hit and run driver, you must do your best to learn the identity of that careless and neglectful individual. You do not have to make a costly journey, in hopes of obtaining that information. Still, if you suspect that the guilty driver lives close by, then you ought to search for the vehicle that hit you.

How you can know for sure what sort of vehicle hit you

You must do your best to note the size and color of the vehicle that caused the accident. If you did not get the brand or the model year, speak with any of the witnesses. Also look for a witness that can give you all or part of the vehicle’s license number.

In addition to the vehicle’s color, you should have some added information about its license. Were you able to determine what state issued that same license? If you did not, then try to locate a witness, someone that did see the home state of the guilty driver. Be sure that you get the name and contact number for any witness. If there are stores or restaurants in the area of the hit and run incident, find out if any of them have a CCTV, one that might show all or part of what actually took place.

What else you have to do

At the scene of the hit and run incident, call emergency numbers. Ask for the police to come to the scene. Take photographs of the location where the driver’s vehicle injured you. Also get pictures of any damage to your body or to your personal property.

Contact your insurance company and let them know what happened. Be sure that you do not hold off on contacting your insurer for a period of more than 90 days, from the date when you got injured. If you want to feel confident of getting compensated for your injuries, you need to hire an injury lawyer in Milton.

With your lawyer’s help, you should be able to prove that the damage done to you, or to your bicycle, if you were on one at that time, was caused by an act of negligence. In other words, the driver that hit you was negligent. Be sure that you get to a medical facility where you can be treated just as soon as possible. If your case goes to trial, you do not want a defense attorney to question the length of time you waited, before seeing a physician.