Are Contingency Fees The Best Option For You As A Client?

As you are researching lawyers in your area, you will most likely come across the term “contingency fee”. This is a basis of payment most lawyers will offer to their clients. Paying a lawyer on a contingency basis means that you will have to pay them nothing upfront, but rather that you and them will negotiate a percentage of the ultimate settlement amount which will then go to the personal injury lawyer in Milton once the case has been won.

What this means is that the lawyer will only be paid, if they actually manage to win your case. However, in order to determine whether this is the preferable option for you, it is important to understand other methods of fees and payments, which you can compare the contingency fee to. So here is a quick rundown:

Retainer Fee

While not too common, the retainer fee is still charged by some lawyers. It is an upfront fee that basically serves the purpose of being a down payment on the legal services you requested. This has the benefit that the lawyer you have on retainer will be required to be available to you if you need them for your legal proceedings at any point.If you do encounter a lawyer who requests a retainer fee, it will most likely be in a commercial setting, and in combination with other fees which they will request along the way as the case progresses through the legal system.

Hourly Fee

As the name would suggest, the hourly fee means that your lawyer will charge for their services on an hourly basis, however, the height of this fee will vary between required services and cases. Factors which could influence the height of the requested fee can range from the complexity of your case, over the needed legal skills, all the way to how serious the case is in regards to the legal matters it revolves around. The lawyers who work on the basis of an hourly fee will commonly include this fee in their billing cycle which the client should be able to request at any point. The hourly fee should be presented fee multiplied by the number of hours, which have been invested by the lawyer, since the last billing cycle.


These are commonly added to the general fees charged by the lawyer, and include additional expenses. You might want to talk with a personal injury lawyer in Kitchener to know more about the services and related fees. It is important to call on the lawyers before you actually file the claim. This will ensure that everything goes by the book and chances of denial are reduced.