The Value of Well-Kept Medical Records

While a victim of whiplash benefits significantly from the practice of keeping good records, anyone that has suffered some type of injury, as the result of a car accident, should make a point of creating a file of medical records. The value of the contents of such filed paperwork can guide any investigative work that might be performed by some member of the legal profession. For that reason, attorneys delight in access to papers filed during the first few months following the investigated accident. Read More

Should You Settle Your Case Out of Court?

If you want to get compensated for the damages suffered, as the result of an accident, you can pursue one of two different legal channels. You can sue and take the opposing party to court. Alternately, you can agree to settle outside of the courtroom. There are reasonable arguments that can be used to substantiate whichever of the two channels you might feel inclined to pursue. Read More

Long-Term Consequences Facing Victim of Whiplash

At the time of an automobile accident, any occupant of one of the colliding vehicles could have his or her head jolted forward. Not long after that, the same body part would suddenly get snapped back. Consequently, the ligaments and tendons in the neck then undergo a dangerous sort of stretching; it is one that exceeds healthful limits. If that results in a minor injury, the damaged tissue should respond well to rest, administration of painkillers and utilization of physiotherapy. Read More

How To Sue For Wrongful Death In Ontario

When you finally start to recover from a tragic loss, and you launch an effort to submit a wrongful death case in Ontario, do not expect to be compensated for your grief. All lawsuits of that nature must satisfy the conditions set by what is known as the Family Law Act. That same Act stipulates the compensation for loss of care, abrupt absence of guidance and swift removal of a source of companionship. Grief, on the other hand, seldom disappears entirely. Since all compensation gets based on the degree of loss no family should expect to be compensated for its grief. Read More

Billing Practices of Lawyers In Ontario

Unlike a contractor, someone that has graduated from a law school does not always stick with just way of charging a client. The different methods used by members of the legal profession reflect the variety of legal issues that must be handled by lawyers. The range of methods also highlights the way that some lawyers have chosen to work in a large firm, while others prefer having a private practice. Read More

Answers To Questions Most Often Asked By Someone Receiving Disability Benefits

What is long-term disability insurance?

This coverage provides the insurance holder with protection against a time when that particular employee might get saddled with a permanent injury, or might develop a severe and chronic health condition. Such a development would keep the injured or ill individual from returning to work. The insurance benefits provide the employee with a portion of his or her previous salary. Read More

Ways To Sue For Compensation After Medical Malpractice Case

When you think of medical malpractice, you often times think about the doctors that are the ones that have been negligent. However, there are more than just doctors who are covered on the term medical malpractice. Any professional that works in your care is considered a part of the medical team and when someone doesn’t do their job, then that is medical malpractice. This can include nurses, hospitals, and even pharmacies. Read More