How You Can File A Personal Injury Lawsuit When You Have Not Hired A Lawyer

This article should not be viewed as a word of encouragement to someone that does not want to pay for legal counsel. In fact, no one should think seriously about such a money-saving move. After all, few members of the public possess the same level of expertise that can be found in a member of the legal profession.

Actions that must replace the act of paying a lawyer

Keep copies of all documents. Your statements will be compared with the information obtained by the insurance company of the responsible party. The insurer will have access to your medical records and to other documents as well.

Obtain a copy of the police report, the insurance reports and all the medical reports. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the report from your personal doctor alone will suffice. You will need to get your hands on the report from the paramedics in the ambulance that arrived at the accident scene. You will also need to get any report that has been compiled by a physician with a specialty, or any other doctor that has examined you.

The money that you thought you had saved by not paying an attorney ought to go towards hiring an engineer. That engineer can reconstruct what happened at the time of the accident. Ideally, you have already spoken with some witnesses. That should have been done at the scene of the accident. If you have not gotten started on that job, then you have lots of work to do. A statement from a witness can help to substantiate a claim that you have made. Find out if the other driver had insurance. The driver’s insurance company will not share that bit of information. You will have to seek it out.

Actions you should not take

Do not spend your time on social media networks. Do not post any pictures on such networks. The insurance company is looking for anything that shows or suggests that your injury is not as bad as you have said that it is.

One action you cannot afford to forget

You need to check the statute of limitations. You must find out the deadline for filing a lawsuit against the guilty driver. Also, do not forget that lawyers always stand ready to step in at any moment. If you want you can seek a free consultation with an attorney. You do not have to hire an attorney, just because you have consulted with one.

If you fail to carry out each of the above actions, you may have to engage in some damage control. In other words, you may, eventually, realize that you do need to hire a lawyer. If you have already consulted with a member of the legal profession, then it should not be too hard for you to select the Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay to serve as your legal counsel.