Can Medical Malpractice Claims be Due to Misdiagnosis of Neck or Back Pain?

Most of the Canadians suffer with neck or back pain and that is why statistics show that over 70% of the adult population has experienced it and sought treatment for it. Usually the neck or back pain is self-limiting and no cause is found for the physical condition. It resolves on its own, over time. Many physicians prescribe pain medication for the aches and chronic medical conditions. Usually the pain subsides over time and the related health conditions improve.

However, the fact is ignoring the pain does not help as neck and back pain are one of the most common symptoms of chronic and serious health conditions. If the doctor fails to recognize the symptoms and assess the pain as a normal condition, it can lead to potentially serious complications. That is why it is important to consult a lawyer of a wrong diagnosis has been given and it has led to further complications.

Differential diagnosis

This is a procedure that is taught to doctors to be able to differentiate between diseases with similar symptoms, which may help them diagnose better. The purpose of this diagnostic method is that it helps to identify life threatening conditions. All symptoms and possibilities are eliminated to help reach a conclusion on the diagnosis.

Elimination procedure

It is by the process of elimination that the diagnosis is done. The doctor obtains a lot of information and creates a checklist of potential conditions and ailments. This will help them pinpoint the symptoms and signs of medical conditions that the patient suffers with.

A common ailment that is missed is Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES), a neurological condition which has a prominent symptom of back pain. It causes paralysis as the nerve cells get compressed. If diagnosed in time, surgery can help but if the doctor misses the symptoms, it can lead to debilitating disability and paralysis. This will then create a case for medical malpractice. Other aspects and diseases that doctors miss include renal ailments, fractured spine, variants of bone cancer and spinal cord infections. It is important for doctors to look for signs of infections like fever and increase in the white blood cells.

If you or a loved one has been misdiagnosed about a disease by the doctor, that led to further complications, it is important to connect with a personal injury lawyer that deals with medical malpractice cases. It is important to file for a claim as quickly as possible after you realize the malpractice.

The experienced lawyer works on a contingency basis, but there will be additional expenses which you will have to pay for record gathering and medical opinions. This ranges from $5000 to about $15,000. Once the medical case enters the boundaries of the court, confidentiality and privacy of the medical records and details is off. It is public domain then on.  Thus, it is best to check out of the hospital or treatment facility before suing the doctors.