How Returning To Work after an Accident Affects Your LTD Claim

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Ontario, regardless of whether it’s a car accident or you’ve been subjected to professional malpractice, you are entitled to follow a Long Term Disability claim. One of the most common questions which the majority of victims are usually going to ask is whether or not they should return to work after a fall, motorcycle or car accident. The answer is, unfortunately, not as definitive as you would like it to be. There are two common pictures that have to be painted here. In both cases your insurer denies payment of the claim and you have to go through trial to get your compensatory money.

Claim Denied By Insurance Company

In the first scenario, after your insurer denies your claim, you decide that it’s high time you start working again. The first thing that you need to do is to consult your physician. You have to make sure that you are in proper working condition and you are capable of executing your professional obligations without this impairing or damaging you any further. This is the best case scenario. Right off the bat, you are going to be receiving 100% of your regular profits instead of the 70% eventual LTD benefit that you are entitled to. Furthermore, your claim becomes easily quantified and your lawyer could get a quicker settlement agreement on the table. The insurer might also be more inclined to go for the settlement, now that the case has gotten much more comprehensive and easy to handle. It’s the best opportunity that you’d have to leave this particularly dark chapter of your life behind and move on with your day-to-day affairs.

Unable To Work

The second scenario is a bit more interesting. We’d like to call it the failed attempt at getting back to work. While it might seem a bit grim at first, this is by far the best thing that could happen to your lawyer. He’s now capable of making the case in front of the court that you had the absolute desire to get back to work in order to start earning and providing for your family, but your medical condition doesn’t allow it because of the accident. This is going to tip the scales in your direction considerably and it’s at this point that the majority of insurers are going to bend their knees and settle for as much as you want below the estimation of the verdict. This is due to the fact that they are well aware that they are likely to lose the case in court and they don’t want to risk having to pay considerable legal fees and court taxes. That is why it is important to talk with the lawyer about the pros and cons of the claim before filing for it.

Steps Of Insurance Investigation For A Personal Injury Claim

Now, even though the majority of the accidents and the personal injury claims as a result are going to be a matter of insurance, most of these would never even reach the courtroom. But it’s still important to understand that an investigation is going to be carried out. There are some things that have to be considered and even though Ontario is governed by the “no fault” rule pursuant to the Rules of Fault Determination in the Insurance Act, an investigation and assigning of fault would be carried out. However, it would be done by the insurance company. This is done so that it could be thoroughly reflected in the amounts of the monthly premiums.

Rules of Fault Determination

The process of the entire investigation is consisted of quite a few steps along the way. However, it’s important for the insurer that it’s completely factual and true in order for it to reflect properly on your insurance record and on your premiums.

The first thing that’s going to happen is that the insurer is going to open a file for your case and all of the pertaining documents are going to be collected within it. This is logical as all of the paperwork has to be handled correctly. After that the insurer is going to get the information out of the insured – his explanation of the case and the circumstances around it.

The next thing that the company is going to do is to contact the police department or the local department of motor vehicles and get the official records of the accident. They are then attached to the file as part of the documentation. Responding to the particular claims comes afterwards. Of course, this step is strongly optional as claims might not have been filed.

Afterwards the insurance company is going to try and understand everything that they are dealing with by investigating the injured parties. Of course, getting the medical records of the injured is also crucial and essential for the insurance company as it’s going to potentially determine the amount of the owed compensation. Your personal injury lawyer is going to work to ensure that you get maximum amount of compensation.

After this is through, the insurer is going to determine the particular value of the accident and of your injury and he’s going to make you a settlement offer which you aren’t obligated to accept. You can, however, accept it and file a civil lawsuit towards the “at fault” party if you feel like the compensation isn’t enough. However, you also have the claim to dispute the offer and request an adequate one from the insurer himself. In any case, you want to make sure that the entire record is factual and true as this is going to reflect on the overall offer that the insurer is going to make you.

Is Insurance Act Of Ontario Applicable In Car Accidents?

Like it or not car accidents happen on a daily basis. Even though the legislation of Ontario which provides the vehicular regulations is pretty stringent and strict, the truth is that car accidents are quite the common occurrence. Some might argue that this is due to the lack of control while others are going to blame the drivers themselves but it’s important to pay attention on the aftermath of this terrible event one that it has already happened. The loss of the one you love or a family member is without a doubt going to be incredibly devastating. However, the truth is that you need to look past your sorrow and understand that the chances are that the accident has happened because of someone’s incompetence. This is why the legislation poses strict provisions which take care of the consequences of a car crash – both physical and emotional.

A regular car accident case

The most common scenario would be for the insurance company to cover the damages but there are certain situations under which this wouldn’t be applicable. There are some scenarios which are dully laid out in the Insurance Act of Ontario under which the driver is going to be responsible for the damages and the insurance company wouldn’t cover them. The most common trial case which involves a car accident would be consisted of two parties – the claimant and the defendant and it’s commonly going to be a civil lawsuit unless there are criminal charges pressed against the one who’s responsible. While this is an unlikely scenario, it’s not completely excluded for the claimant to demand pressing of criminal charges under which circumstances the trial would be led by a prosecutor.

Claiming damages for pain and suffering and physical damages

Now, the majority of the physical damages such as medical bills and other of the kind would likely be covered by the insurance company as they are in almost all insurance contracts. However, when it comes to dealing with damages for pain and suffering or emotional trauma, the situation changes dramatically. The majority of the cases involving claims of the kind are going to be for a significant amount of money and the insurance is most certainly not going to cover them.

Furthermore, they are of entirely different essence than what the regular insurance companies would provide coverage for. However, you have to understand that getting the court to rule a decision which provides the claimant with significant compensation for his pain and suffering is not easy and it requires thorough preparation and a lot of convincing. You need to have perfect grounds for your case and you need to convince the judge that the suffering is indeed real. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to draft a strong case and ensure all bases are covered irrespective of whether the case is mediated out of court or it goes on trial.

Injuries Related To Severity Of A Car Crash

The fact is that most people in Canada are killed by car crashed than by anything else. Recent statistics brought up by the Provincial Police of Ontario state that the majority of accidents tend to occur due to the fact that drivers have been distracted. The reasons for this can be numerous such as texting, talking or emailing someone on your handheld mobile devices – the smart phones. It’s also important to note that this causes more deaths than impaired driving, driving under the influence or even driving with a speed above the speed limit.

This is why the legislation is constantly moving in a direction which brings up the charges related with distracted driving. As of June, 2015, everyone who is pulled over for using a handheld device can be fined with as much as $1,000. Another thing that is enacted is the possibility for the driver to be deprived of 3 demerit points on his license which is also rather fair. The fact is that the legislation should be strict when it comes to driving accidents. The fact is that they kill more people than anything else and awareness should be promoted.

In fact, it should be promoted amongst the younger audience because younger and inexperienced drivers are much more likely to get distracted by their mobile devices. The usage of hands-free systems is heavily encouraged as it’s currently the only option to legally use your phone and talk on it while driving your car. Your other option under the current Canadian legislation is to pull over and have your conversation while the car isn’t running.

It’s also worth noting that the legislation is definitely getting stricter. However, other precautions should also be taken in order to make sure that the numbers of car accidents actually goes down because right now it’s just the opposite. Police patrols should be present on the roads with a lot of traffic in order to provide regulation. Most of all, people should start taking responsibility for their own actions. There are a lot of campaigns undertaken and initiated by the Department of Justice in order to show people how serious this actually is.

A car accident can literally lead to any kind of injury. This includes severe brain trauma and spinal cord injuries as well as other kinds of dangerous orthopedic injuries and even death. Serious car crashes often lead to permanent disabilities and terrible disfigurements which can make the rest of the life of the victim incredibly complicated and uncomfortable. The fact is that the cases involving car crashes are demanding and they require a great deal of expertise on behalf of the lawyer in order to get the most out of the compensation.