Can I Represent My Own Injury Claim For Settlement?

If you have a personal injury case, you may be wondering if you should handle your own case or if you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Kitchener to represent you. There are some scenarios that you can represent yourself If you have the basic knowledge of insurance claims as well as being organized. However, if your insurance company Denys your claim or reduces the amount you are awarded, it may be hard to take them back to court and try to claim the rest. Read More

Damages In Medical Malpractice Cases

When someone is Injured in a medical procedure due to negligence or mistakes made a medical professional, you may be able to recover a lot of the damage reimbursement you need and deserve afterward. A medical malpractice claim can cover anything from loss of income to loss of enjoyment of life looking forward to the future. If you have received an injury due to a medical malpractice or if a medical malpractice results in death, the family of the victim as well as the heirs can be the ones who recover damages. Read More

How Do You Legally Prove Who Was At Fault For The Accident?

Since you will likely be presenting your case to an insurance company, you don’t need proof and solid evidence, at least not initially! Your formal negotiations with the insurance company will consist of a series of phone calls, letters, and interactions with an insurance adjuster. You need to prove who was at fault for your personal injury accident after the fact. But doing so can be difficult. Read More