Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In Ontario, most wrongful death claims are filed in incidents such as car accidents where the other driver was careless or negligent. Wrongful death claims are filed in civil court. Criminal actions, due to accident circumstances, can be added to the civil action compensation. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed against the party of, their company are whoever insures the person responsible. If the accident was fatal the at fault drivers insurance company is responsible for compensation. Read More

Actions To Take If Requested Claim Denied

No one that has access to a long term disability insurance policy should assume that he or she will always be guaranteed payments, when disabled by a certain physical or medical condition. The introduction of any sign that the policy holder will be disabled should trigger the making of a claim. Yet that claim could be denied. Fortunately, there are certain actions that can be taken by the adult that has been denied expected disability payments. Read More

Rights of Lawyer’s Client, With Respect To Contingency Fees

An lawyer’s client does not have to accept the contingency fee suggested by the lawyer that will be representing that same client. Do not confuse that fact with the ability of any potential client to forego dealing with a lawyer that intends to charge a rather high contingency fee. A lawyer does not have to offer extensive information on his or her reimbursement, before taking on a given client’s case. Read More

Procedure To Follow If Involved In Accident While Driving Leased Vehicle

The person that has leased some type of four-wheeled vehicle does not have to re-arrange his or her priorities, in the event of an accident. The person at the wheel of a leased vehicle should put a priority on his or her health. In the event of an accident, that same driver must check for any newly-acquired injuries, and should also check for complaints from any injured passengers. Read More