Debunking The Myths And Misconceptions Surrounding Personal Injury Law

The status of a celebrity is glamorized, the life of a doctor romanticized, and the profession of personal injury law? It is demonized. Personal injury lawyers are called greedy and selfish. In reality, things are far different.In order to portray the reality of personal injury law, we have selected the three most common myths and misconceptions so we can debunk them and show you what it truly means to be a personal injury lawyer.

#1: All personal injury lawyers scam their clients

One of the most common false beliefs are that personal injury lawyers take advantage of their clients’ vulnerable situations. They believe that the lawyers will raise false hopes about the likelihood of success, and the height of the obtainable settlement, and all of it to increase their chances of getting hired. However, this very – very – rarely happens, and here is why. The vast majority of personal injury lawyers get paid on contingency basis. This means, they will only be paid if they actually manage to win their client’s claim and obtain a settlement for them. As a result, personal injury lawyers in Milton will only take on a case if they hold faith that it has a strong likelihood of being successful. Furthermore, the exaggeration of a settlement’s potential amount will do nothing for the lawyer other than wreck their reputation. If past clients speak unfavorably of a lawyer, that lawyer will have a significantly smaller chance of being hired again. The referrals of past clients are a lawyer’s biggest source of getting new jobs.

#2: Most lawyers build their careers on frivolous lawsuits

This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Frivolous lawsuits are extremely rare, largely due to the fact that the majority of personal injury lawyers get paid on a contingency basis, which means they will only take on cases with a likelihood of being successful. Frivolous lawsuits are not among such cases.But if such cases are so highly uncommon, why is this false belief so widely spread? The best guess we have is that such lawsuits simply lend themselves well to making conversation. Who doesn’t like to hear about hysterical people screaming in the courtroom because their neighbor’s dog keeps peeing on their precious garden gnome? Additionally, the stories you hear about such cases will most likely be embellished as the result of having been retold over and over again.

#3: Most of the injury lawyers are very aggressive

The TV advertising over emphasizes that lawyers are aggressive in looking for new cases and that has hurt the legal community as a whole. In most of the Canadian provinces, lawyers look for passive ways of advertising their services online and find new clients through referrals, personal networking and print advertising and online websites. Thus, branding all lawyers as aggressive isn’t true.