Did You Contribute To Ontario’s Rise In Long Term Disability Claims?

Those who study the statistics, regarding how many residents of Ontario have submitted a long-term disability claim, say that the number of such claims has increased markedly. Yet not all such claims have resulted in the delivery of the requested benefits.

Did you submit such a claim? Did it get denied? Perhaps you join the other residents of Ontario that are unclear about how to proceed, in hopes of obtaining, at last, the denied disability benefits. Your best bet entails making use of the appeal process.

Advice on how to make use of that appeal process.

Collect the medical evidence that should provide you with stronger support for your claim. Get ready to submit a request for reconsideration. You have the right to add new information to that request.

Submit proof that you cannot do your job as well as you did before the disabling accident. Make your case stronger by showing that you cannot do other jobs, or other tasks, that you were trained to carry-out. You can get help with making the efforts mentioned above, if you seek out and hire an Injury Lawyer in Kitchener. A lawyer might suggest what new information would add to the strength of your argument.

Lawyers have gained a familiarity with the 4 ways by which a policy holder is usually issued a denial of disability benefits. The denial issued before the policy holder has had a chance to view and study a given policy’s terms. Some policies get terminated when the person who bought that coverage has not been provided with any notice of termination, or any type of warning.

The insurance denial supposedly based on changes to the policy’s guidelines, but the policy holder has received no document that has made mention of the sighted changes.

Benefits denied because insurer claims that the policy holder failed to meet the standards for disability coverage. Yet the insurer has not provided the denied man or woman with clear and specific information on those same standards.

As can be seen, insurers too often act unfairly, when denying long term disability coverage to someone that has requested it. Lawyers realize that the courts are supposed to provide the public with a means for addressing unfair practices. For that reason, an lawyer can help someone that has been denied long term disability benefits.

An lawyer can help in 2 ways. First during the preparations for trial, the lawyer’s efforts can be directed at collecting the necessary documents. Then, during the appeal, the same lawyer can highlight the unfairness of the actions taken against the lawyer’s client, the denied policy holder. The exposure of those same unfair actions helps to win-over the favor of the various members of the jury.