Facts About Bike Accidents Caused By Road Hazards

Road hazards are dangerous to anyone on the road; vehicles or bicycles. When the tire hits a hole in the pavement or other road hazards, the tires could blow leaving you out of control of your bike. When you lose control, you may hit something or someone. Road hazards can include potholes, sewer grates, trolley tracks or railroad tracks.

When an accident happens while riding your bike and the cause of the accident is a road hazard, the party responsibility may be the county, city, state, or other public agency that maintains the roadways. In many cases after an accident, you can prove the liability belongs to one of the agencies and you have the right to sue when it does.

Potholes normally occur for two reasons:

1. The long-term wear and tear of the road that causes it to break down
2. Temporary-road fixes can cause cracks or unlevel road surface

While potholes are normally addressed on the roadway, there are circumstances that may delay them in getting fixed, such as the season of the year. If it’s cold, pavement cannot happen. That’s why it’s important to know your road so you will be able to avoid these issues as you bike to and from.

Accidents Caused by Sewer Grates

Sewer grates are designed to set flush with the roadway or sidewalk however it doesn’t always happen, and this can be dangerous for cyclists. When sewer grates go in the same direction as traffic, the tires on a bike may become stuck between them. Bicyclists have made the argument that they have the right to a safe roadway too. A sewer grate in the roadway can be a hazard.

Sewer grates are not always turned in the direction of traffic but when they are, you need to be aware of their location so you don’t have an accident.

Accidents Caused by Rail or Trolley Tracks

Rail tracks that are no longer used or used very little are very dangerous when they run in the direction of the main roadway toward traffic. In some cases, the tracks will even cross the road in a curve or where the road is angled and this can be very dangerous.

Why? Because the wheel of the bike can become lodged between the road and the rail which can cause the bicyclist to become stuck or crash and can then be thrown into the direction of a car’s path.

These issues can be avoided if the roads are maintained, and the hazards are monitored and addressed when necessary. If you have experienced an accident due to one of these road hazards, you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Kitchener so they can help you get the compensation you deserve.