Facts About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Due to the lack of accurate representation of personal injury lawyers in the media, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions making the rounds among the general public. However, the vast majority of them are extremely exaggerated, if not entirely false, which is why we have put together this article to dispel the most common ones.

#1: Accidents Will Make You Rich

Filing an injury claim is a complicated, and oftentimes frustrating, process that brings along insurance adjusters, paperwork, and other bureaucracy that most people can only navigate with the help of a lawyer. And unlike the movies, insurance claims very rarely lead to a court hearing.

Instead, it is all about negotiations. There is no right or wrong, only what the law deems is owed to the injured in terms of benefits. If a case is ever taken to court, for whatever reason, the general outcome is a lower settlement for the injured with added expenses on top of it. Furthermore, a personal injury lawyer will generally not offer anything but a rough estimate of what your final settlement may be. If they give you specifics, you are most likely not dealing with an experienced lawyer worthy of your time.

#2: If You Have Insurance, A Lawyer Is Superfluous

Insurance companies are not on your side. They may not be the big bad villain, but you cannot rely on them to give you fair compensation. They are a business interested in making a profit and not much else. They want you to settle for as little as possible, regardless of how unfair it is. That is because it suits their company and helps to provide more profits.

Because of this, a lawyer is needed. Unlike the other involved parties, your lawyer will strife to give you the highest possible settlement. Additionally, they will generally also work on a contingency basis which means they will only be paid a percentage of the final settlement. Thus, it is also in their own best interest to achieve the highest possible settlement. Hire the services of a lawyer to ensure that you get a fair deal.

It should be noted that you should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Milton from the get-go if you sustained injuries during the accident. This is because they will help you meet deadlines and file paperwork properly, on top of taking care of communications with your healthcare providers, your insurance company, and other unpleasant bureaucracy matters that come with filing a claim.Furthermore, a lawyer can also help you appeal if your insurance company has denied you long-term disability benefits you are in desperate need of.