General Principles Regarding Responsibilities of Dog Owners

Every dog owner must assume responsibility for controlling his or her pet, so that it does not injure any people or damage any property, as per personal injury lawyer in Kitchener.

Situations in which a dog owner could be charged with failure to carry out his or her recognized responsibility

A dog has bitten an innocent victim in a state that has strict liability dog-bite laws. In such a state, all dog owners are supposed to assume responsibility for their pet, which means that each of the same owners are supposed to maintain control of their pet’s behavior.

A dog has bitten an innocent victim, despite the fact that the dog’s owner knew about one earlier time, when the same pet canine had bitten an innocent individual. This principle would apply in any location that had chosen to follow the one-bite rule. According to that rule, if a canine’s history were to include mention of even one biting incident, the owner should exercise special precautions, in an effort to prevent a second and similar incident.

Victim could prove that the owner was negligent, and had failed to control his or her pet canine. Proof might come from pictures, such as a photograph of an open pen or of a broken chain. Another source of proof might come from a witness’s statement.

None of the above principles could be used to hold a dog owner liable, if the victim had provoked the dog’s violent reaction. That would be true in any situation where an adult has assumed a canine’s readiness to accept a stranger’s extended hand. Smart dog-owners should make a point of advising a child against extending an open hand in the direction of a canine’s face.

Suggested actions for the victim of a dog bite

Get the name of the dog’s owner, and get the contact information for that same individual; learn the name of the company that sold that dog-owner a relevant insurance policy. That could be a homeowner’s policy.

Get the name of any witness; get the contact information for that same witness

Get a picture of the dog and a picture of your injuries. If unable to take the dog’s picture, try to record the animal’s significant features: Approximate height, approximate weight, color of coat, and any unique markings.

Consult with and retain a personal injury lawyer. Share with the same lawyer any special concerns, such as method to use for showing loss of income, especially if retained lawyer must help a self-employed victim to prove loss of income.

Be ready to speak with the adjuster at the insurance company that has agreed to cover the policyholder, following an instance where the policyholder’s canine has bitten an innocent member of the public.