How Lawyers In Ontario Help With Winning A Personal Injury Claim

While a personal injury attorney can help a client to gather all of the evidence that is relevant to a client’s case, an attorney’s job calls for performance of a number of additional tasks, as well. By performing such tasks, lawyers help their clients to win their personal injury cases.

An attorney helps a client to navigate complex legal issues.

Sometimes a lawyer can strengthen a client’s argument by producing a letter that supports the client’s claim. That letter can be presented to the judge that must rule on a rather complex case. The judge then has a clearer understanding of those issues that may have added to the case’s complexity.

Lawyers understand how to deal with a case in which a client has suffered a severe injury. The lawyer’s understanding has developed from exposure to other cases, especially those in which that court has sought an answer to this question: What is a permanent impairment worth? If the value of such an impairment is great, the risk of a mistake increases in proportion to impairment’s value.

Lawyers have access to experts.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay can go after the ideal expert for a given case. If a client has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, the client’s attorney might seek out an expert in the medical profession. If a client is suing someone for exposure to a toxic substance, the attorney’s efforts would need to focus on the finding and hiring of a scientist with expertise in the area of toxic substances.

Suppose that a client’s case has centered on a claim that a road’s poor design caused a specific car accident. In that situation, the lawyer’s efforts would need to be directed at finding an experienced engineer. If a client’s disability would keep him or her from earning a living, an economic expert might be called upon to testify.

A lawyer can help with delaying a settlement.

Some insurance companies push claimants to settle quickly, before the full extent of a victim’s injury has been revealed through the completion of specific medical tests. If a victim has not recovered fully from an injury, a suggested settlement should be refused. A lawyer’s experience provides that member of the legal profession with the ability to present a firm and convincing refusal.

If an insurance company doubts the claims, regarding the victim’s slow recovery, the lawyer’s skills can be used to locate necessary medical records. The presentation of such records can be used to support the request for delaying a settlement. That forces the insurance company to pay for all of the victim’s medical bills, not just the ones that the victim received before he or she had fully recovered.