How Long Must A Dog Bite Victim Wait For A Settlement Check?

Depending on the nature of a dog bite, the dog’s victim might suffer financial problems. For instance, he or she might face the need to deal with high medical expenses. Alternatively, he or she might temporarily lack any way to earn an income. Such possibilities could raise concerns, regarding how long it might take to obtain a settlement check.

Factors that have the most immediate effect on the time it takes to obtain a settlement check:

How clear are the facts? If the facts remain unclear, the victim could have more reason for going to court. The need for a court proceeding would lengthen the amount of time that could pass, before delivery of a that desired payment/check. Was the victim carrying out a part of his or her job, at the time of the dog bite incident? If that were the case, then the bit victim would have the right to file for worker’s compensation. That could increase the amount of time between occurrence of the incident and the check’s delivery.

Can the victim prove negligence on the part of the dog’s owner? In the absence of such proof, the pet owner’s insurance company might refuse to offer compensation. That could force the same owner to go to court, using a time-consuming process.

Factors that may enter the picture later:

Sometimes the pet owner’s insurance company makes some unique demands. For instance, it could ask to view pictures of the victim’ scars, after the wounds have healed. Scar tissue counts as a permanent impairment, and allows a victim to demand a larger compensation. Of course, it takes time for scar tissue to form.

The recovery might be slowed by introduction of a complication. For instance, the wound might become infected. Naturally, a slower recovery would mean a longer wait for a victim’s arrival at the stage of maximum medical improvement (MMI). Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener do not like to settle a case until their injured client has reached the stage of MMI.

Sometimes the damage done to the victim’s leg creates the need for orthopedic surgery. That could be the case, if the canine’s teeth had created a markedly deep wound. Obviously, that would slow the recovery process. It would increase the amount of time that could pass, before the 2 sides reached a settlement.

An insurance company does not send out a check, until it has agreed to the terms of a settlement. Even then, it seldom delivers that check, until the other party has issued a written document. Only at that point, does an insurance company appreciate the fact that it is legally bound to compensate the person that was attacked and bitten by the policy owner’s pet canine.