How To Avoid Personal Injury In Winter?

Dangerous driving conditions such as icy roads, poor visibility and snowy roadways can cause serious accidents. And if you have been in an accident, call on an injury lawyer in Kitchener. The steps below will help prevent accidents in less than ideal conditions such as the onset of winter that bring these conditions.

Invest in Snow Tires: It is essential that you invest in snow tires if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle. It will be safer to drive your vehicle on the snow. Snow tires should be purchased before the first snow and they will grip the road in cold weather better than all-season tires.

Watch Your Speed: Speeding in poor conditions gives you the great potential to have a serious accident. Travel at a safe speed to be aware of other drivers. Winter tires or a four wheel drive vehicle still allow you to speed and if you are speeding other drivers do not have time to react.

Put Your Cell Phone Away: Being distracted by your cell phone while driving in the winter can cause worse problems and possibly cause an accident. You should never use your cell phone when driving in any conditions.

Winter Wiper Blades: Snow is coming and if you have never invested in wiper blades specifically for winter, you should. They improve visibility by actually wiping off snow and ice. If you want to continue using regular ones, replace them if they are worn.

Keep Your Car Maintained: Travel safer by having your mechanic check brake pads, the transmission, fluid levels, battery and even the tread of your tires. Be sure to keep it maintained before winter begins.

Get Auto Club Membership: There are advantages to an auto club membership. They are affordable, they have free or discounted rates on car services such as towing, jumping your car off. Fixing a flat tire or changing your battery.

Have Insurance: Make sure you keep the coverage on your car up to date as it is required by law. Check with your insurance agent to upgrade so you will have adequate accident coverage should you be involved.

Avoid Alcohol: Do not risk getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Public transit, a taxi or a designated driver is a safer alternative. Apart from being a risk on the road, getting arrested for DUI can complicate your case. That is why it is important to either not drive or don’t drink before driving.

Following these precautions will not guarantee you will have an accident. Any time, but especially during winter driving, there is the possibility you can be injured in an accident or can be a reason for causing an accident.