How To Get A Fair Deal When Settling A Claim?

If you want to get a fair deal, when settling a car accident claim, then you must make sure that the insurance company does not deny your claim. If you hope to avoid such a problem, you need to present all the necessary documents.

What documents should be given to the insurance company?

Photographs of the accident scene; photos that show the damage on your vehicle; photographs of your injuries, as well

• A listing of the spots damaged
• A list showing the cost of each repair job
• A list of medical expenses: This should offer some proof that the injuries were caused by the events that were related to the accident.
• Notes on your pain; these can come from a journal or diary.
• A copy of the police report

Understand how to negotiate with the insurance company

• Have a minimum offer, and hold to it.
• Be flexible, without accepting offer below the minimum.
• Demand an explanation for a figure proposed by the insurance company.
• Focus on emotional issues.

Contentious points that can trigger the need for a lawyer

The question of who is to blame for the collision. The other driver might contend that you were guilty of comparative negligence. Injury Lawyer in Kitchener knows that there is possible charge that you aggravated your injuries. This charge can be refuted with proof that the events associated with the accident caused your injuries. Questions about the veracity of claims about pain. Notes in a journal or diary should include the time for and duration of each painful sensation. The charges that you have failed to turn over all of the relevant documents.

The insurance company applies pressure, in hopes of getting you to agree to an early (and low) settlement. Lawyers know how to stand up to such pressure. Lawyers understand how an early settlement can lead to a failure to insist on consideration of all the accident-related injuries.

Another danger in an early settlement relates to the needs of any passenger. A lawyer can insist on an examination of anyone that was riding in the damaged vehicle. If one of the passengers is a senior citizen, his or her injuries should get covered to Medicare. An attorney can help with the paperwork, which is part of continuing on a quest for a fair settlement. If someone died in the accident, there will be more expenses that should be compensated. The compensation should include the money for the decedent’s funeral and burial.

If the victim had filed a claim earlier, following a different incident, that fact would be noted, in order to consider the veracity of the latest claim. Ideally, evidence should support the claims made by the victim. Consequently, the lawyer’s role must include that of gathering needed evidence.