How To Start The Search For A Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone that has filed a personal injury claim has a sound reason for seeking a good personal injury lawyer. So, how does an injured victim seek such an attorney?

Appreciate the fact that lawyers choose a specialty.

Search for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener that specializes in representing plaintiffs. During your search, rely on information obtained by word-of-mouth, as well as facts gleaned from lawyers’ websites.

What to study when viewing different lawyers’ websites?

Review the lawyer’s biographical information. Check to see if the site-owner (the lawyer) appears to be in good standing within the legal community. Check for any evidence of a conflict of interest. For instance, does the studied attorney appear to focus on smaller cases, whereas your case concerns an accident that caused some severe injuries?

Confirm the fee arrangement.

Does the studied attorney use a contingency fee, after having agreed to take on a case? If so, what percentage of the client’s award does this particular lawyer hope to receive?

Look for other information on the lawyer’s website.

Is there any mention of accommodations for clients with special needs? For example, would there be a translator available, if a client’s native language was Spanish or Persian? How about if the client’s native tongue was Russian, Chinese, Korean or Japanese?

Note the lawyer’s location. It might prove difficult to communicate with an attorney that lived at a distance from your home. A lawyer might have trouble investigating an accident that took place many miles from that same lawyer’s office. A possible client with a pre-existing condition should find out whether or not the site-owner/lawyer has access to medical experts. In that case, the client’s legal counsel should not be someone that must rely on facts that have been stated by someone on the defense team.

Would you feel comfortable communicating with this lawyer or firm of lawyers? Can you feel confident that your thoughts and complaints would be heard?

Could the firm/lawyer you have studied adapt to using the type of communication that you feel most comfortable with? If you are most comfortable speaking on the phone, do not pick one of the lawyers that prefer to use e-mail, when communicating with a client. Realize, too, that face-to-face meetings would become difficult, if a lawyer’s offices were miles from your home.

What can you learn about the lawyer’s experience in a courtroom?

Even if the attorney you are considering does not have much courtroom experience, it helps if he or she has at least filed a lawsuit for a client. Lawyers that do not hesitate to take such an action do a better job of warning an insurance company about the serious nature of a client’s injury.