How Value of Residual Injury Affects Settlement’s Value?

A residual injury has long-term effects. In other words, its effects remain in evidence for an extended period of time. That means, too, that the injury’s effects could become a disruptive influence for a greatly prolonged span of time.

The value of a residual injury is notrelated to the injury’s size.

• Some residual injuries are rather small.
• The injury’s value reflects the extent to which it has had an impact on the life of the person that has to deal with that particular injury.
• The effect of a residual injury lingers.

A close look at injuries with a lingering effect

A scar: This is a permanent change on the skin. Scars can be removed, but that requires the payment of money. For that reason, a scar’s value could be estimated by learning the price that would be charged for its removal.

A scar in a prominent location might make it difficult for certain adults to continue in their chosen career. For instance, someone that demonstrated how to use face creams would not want to have a blemish/scar on her face. In fact, she might be unable to get any more assignments from those that had hired her in the past.

Some surgeons consider the possible prominence of a surgical scar. In the past, whenever neurosurgeons have had to cut into the patient’s neck, they have tried to use a spot where the neck’s skin has created a crease or fold. For that reason, the scar has appeared less noticeable.

Recurring pain can also affect the life of an accident victim. That is especially true if the same victim has sustained some type of back or neck injury. Doctors understand how an injury’s effects can become magnified over time. The pain that has resulted from a back injury tends to increase, as the patient ages.

A personal injury lawyer in Milton would find it easier to emphasize the lingering effect of some harmful physical consequence from an accident, if he or she could present proof of its existence. That is why a smart accident victim should ask the treating physician to place in the medical report some mention about any possible lingering effects.

Treatments, too, can have a lingering effect

Personal injury lawyers should take note, if a client has been treated for an internal infection. If he or she received an antibiotic, one given by IV, then that treatment might have affected the client’s hearing.

Such effects would not be noticed in a younger patient. However, as the same patient got older, he or she might need a hearing aid. Furthermore, that need would become obvious sooner that the time when many aging adults demonstrate signs of hearing problems.