How Will The Insurance Company Investigate My Car Accident?

No one can predict the moment when you will be in an accident but once you are, it is the most stressful experience because you are possibly injured, without a vehicle, and unsure of what is going to happen. Car insurance claims are not always pleasant and that can make matters worse. If you file a claim, there are many factors that will influence how that claim ends up:

• The situation surrounding the crash
• The insurance companies’ investigation results
• The other driver’s insurance information

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Need to Investigate a Car Accident?

There are two reasons why a car insurance company will investigate the accident after your claim has been filed:

1. They want to protect themselves against car insurance fraud- This happens more than we realize. An individual will decide to file a claim against their Insurance company when they were never Involved in an accident in order to obtain money from the insurance company.
2. To investigate the claim for themselves- In many cases, when an insurance claim has been filed, there can be a lot of confusion on the details surrounding the crash. They want to make sure that they have all the facts so your claim will be filed accurately and on time without delay. Many claim adjusters will want to process their claims quickly as possible and as fairly as possible too.

The answers you receive from your car insurance claim will depend on many factors and there may be potential for red flags that may arise and, in that situation, your case may be delayed while they figure out what is not coming out right.

Once you file a claim, it’s important that you also hire a lawyer who will represent you and work with you in presenting your case to the claims adjuster and if needed, help you present your case to the courts.

Some things that claim adjuster may do include:

• Visit the scene to try and figure out how the accident happened
• Request cell phone records to determine if you were distracted when the accident occurred
• Conduct a background check
• Review your presence on social media during the time the accident occurred
• Obtain all medical documentation from your accident

In many cases, your claims adjuster should keep you up-to-date on your claim or they may have an app that helps you keep up with the progress. If you feel that you are not getting treated right, you will need to contact your Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener that will represent you to the insurance company. They have ample experience in handling similar cases and would be happy to be of assistance.