How To Interview A Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, it can be a stressful time. Facing a personal injury claim can be emotional and overwhelming, yet you want to be assured that you are getting the best representation possible. Whether you accept a settlement or take your case to court, you want to make sure your Milton injury lawyer is experienced and prepared for anything that may arise.

You will want a personal injury lawyer that only practices personal injury. Law is complex and there are constant changes and timelines to be aware of. A lawyer that merely dabble in personal injury may not be as experienced or up on the changes in the laws. A lawyer is like a doctor. You want the most experienced lawyer for your individual claim.

Most lawyers offer a no obligation first consultation. In this way, the lawyer can be assured that it is worth their time to take the case. But this is also the most important time for you to address your needs and determine whether this lawyer will be your best choice. Although this may feel intimidating, you need to feel comfortable that this lawyer will be the best fit and serve your long term needs. You will want to take this time to ask questions. Trust your intuition. If you feel rushed or that your questions are not being answered forthrightly, go elsewhere.

● How long has this lawyer been practicing in Ontario? You want to be able to ascertain the lawyer’s familiarity with the local laws, especially since they can be different from province to province. The longer the lawyer has been practicing, the more familiar they are with the other key players and judges.
● How many cases has the lawyer tried in court? Is this lawyer dedicated enough to your case to take it to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached? It is true that most personal injury lawyers go for the most advantageous settlement possible, but if you need to take your case to court, you want a lawyer with trial experience and a full dedication to you and your case. Courtroom experience is far different from negotiating settlements.
● How are the legal fees handled? Most personal injury lawyers charge contingency fees based on the final compensation. Find out exactly how this lawyer collects fees and whether there are potential fees outside of the contingency fees even if you lose.
● Is this Milton injury lawyer recognized by his or her peers as an expert? Is he or she a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association or the American College of Trial Lawyers? Belonging to these professional associations means that he or she has been accepted due to their high standards of integrity and professionalism.

You are your own best advocate after an injury due to an accident. Make sure you are hiring the best possible lawyer for your case. You may need to interview several Personal injury lawyers in Milton but take your time and do your own due diligence in order that you receive a fair compensation for your injuries.