What Should I Do If I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog?

There are those occasions when a dog is not man’s best friend. In fact, a dog attack can cause serious injury, emotional scarring, and sometimes even death to small children. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog in Ontario, you are covered under the law. Under what’s known as the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, the owner of a dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal.

There have been enough cases of dog bites and attacks that Ontario has even banned certain breeds of dogs due to their aggressive nature. Regardless of the breed, however, dog owners have a legal responsibility to their pets and their risks. The owner is liable for the pet even if they have not acted negligently or carelessly or even if the dog was not seen as a risk prior to the incident.

When you have been injured by a dog bite or attack, get immediate medical attention. Then call a personal injury lawyer in Lindsay to determine your next course of action. When you are injured by a dog, you do not file a claim as you would under other types of accidents. In the case of a dog bite, the victim needs to sue the owner under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act within two years of the incident. You will need to identify the owner and prove that their dog is the one that caused injury. In some cases the identity of the dog owner is not obvious if the dog was loose without its owner. The local police department or health department should be notified immediately.

You will not need to prove that the owner was aware that the dog was dangerous. It will also be determined whether you, as the victim, contributed to the attack in any way. If the injury or attack is to a child, it will be determined whether the child was properly supervised and if the child provoked the dog. Often, the history of the dog comes into play. If the dog has historically acted aggressively and it can be proven, this will weigh heavily in the suit.

After a dog bite or attack, it is important to seek the legal advice of an injury lawyer in Lindsay. Most people are not trained in the law or know how to protect their rights after an injury. And dog bites and attacks can be complicated. Hiring an experienced lawyer will ensure that your rights will be protected and that the suit will be pursued with the appropriate legal knowledge and the greatest likelihood of success. Call the legal professionals at ABPC Law after a dog bite or attack to find out if you are due compensation for your injuries.