Know About The Pedestrian’s Right of Way At Crosswalks

Accidents with vehicles occur all the time throughout the year. When a vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object, there are many people who may suffer from injuries. What about those who become a victim while they are walking? Every year, serious injuries and even death occur due to a motorists not realizing the rights that pedestrians have at a crosswalk. If drivers were more aware of the correct way to yield to pedestrians, and pedestrians are aware of when the right time to cross an intersection would be, then less accidents would occur.

Pedestrians in Crosswalks: What Are Their Rights?

So what are the rights of pedestrians? When should you cross? When should you wait? These are important questions that everyone who drives or walks should know the answer to. First, it’s important to understand that you don’t need flashy signs at a crosswalk to know that it’s a cross walk. A crosswalk is simply a place to cross the road at an intersection where drivers can see you more clearly. It doesn’t have to have markings to indicate that there is a cross walk.

When a pedestrian is crossing a road at a crosswalk, drivers need to know that pedestrians do have the right of way. If a crosswalk is underneath a traffic light, and the light is green, the driver of an automobile must to drive with caution as he/she approaches the crosswalk.

What about Pedestrians Not Using a Crosswalk?

It’s just as important that a pedestrian cross at a crosswalk and not step off of the sidewalk anywhere, they please. The cross walk is a designated area, even if it’s not clearly marked, it’s something that should be utilized for safety purposes. If a pedestrian is hit while not using a designated crosswalk, the right of way when then be granted to the motorist. If the drive does see the pedestrian starting to cross the road, and it’s not a crosswalk, then he or she should slow down instead of possibly hitting the pedestrian, otherwise the drive of the vehicle will be at fault.

Road conditions can play a role in how a pedestrian and driver are at fault when an accident occurs. It’s important to prevent an accident by always driving safely and watching out for those possible interactions between other drivers as well as pedestrians.

Pedestrian Crossing Accidents: Who is to Blame?

It’s not always simple for personal injury lawyer in Lindsay to determine who is at fault when a driver – pedestrian accident occurs. It’s quick to assume that the pedestrian simply walked out in front of the car and the car was going too fast to stop or that the driver of the car was texting or something and didn’t see the pedestrian step off of the sidewalk. However, it’s not always as simple as that and sometimes it does take a lot of investigation to determine where the fault lies.