Know About The Significant Source of Compensable Losses

The victim of an accident-linked injury has the right to sue for the damages, an amount of money that is equal to the value of the victim’s losses.

A bulk of those losses falls under this heading: pain and suffering.

Varied aspects of pain and suffering

• Physical pain
• Physical discomfort: That discomfort might have been caused by the prescribed treatment.
• Possible psychological effects of accident

Materials that can furnish evidence of pain and suffering

Victim’s medical records

The length of the victim’s recovery: A long recovery works to support claims about a serious injury. If the victim’s doctor were to recommend that the patient/victim return on a part-time basis at first, then that fact would help to strengthen any claim, regarding a serious injury.

Proof of ongoing issues: The victim has the ability to add to the materials that can support claims about a specific ongoing issue.

The ways in which victims can strengthen their argument about emergence of an ongoing issue

• Never hesitate to request a pain medication.
• Never hesitate to inquire about the possible side effects of a treatment, or the way that it could affect the victim’s body, over an extended period of time.
• Be sure to keep all scheduled appointments, or to offer logical reason for missing a planned appointment.
• Keep a journal or a diary; record the date and time for any development of pain. Record the nature and duration of the painful sensation.
• Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener

Ways that an attorney can do a better job of advocating for consideration by the insurance company of the ongoing issues that have affected a given client.

Speak with the client’s physician, and learn in what ways the client’s injury-linked limitations could make it hard for the same client to hold a full-time job.

—Is it safe for the client to use the stairs?
—Is it safe for the client to carry out multiple tasks that call for bending?

Share with attorney any symptoms that have emerged after the victim has undertaken the tasks that were assigned by a new employer. Seek to identify link between any specific task and the observed symptom.

Have attorney consult with a vocational expert. Get expert’s opinion on any incident that could copy in a workplace some problem that the victim/client had faced at home. For instance, if a falling incident had taken place at home, could it be replicated in a workplace setting?

Learn how any forced time off for medical reasons could limit a victim’s chances for making advances in his or her chosen career. Discover how such time off should be addressed, whenever client/victim must change jobs.