Knowing Which Documents Are Vital To Prove Your Case of Personal Injury

If you wish to file a claim as a result of an accident or injury which was caused by the negligence of another party, you will have to gather evidence to support your claim. This evidence will need to prove that the negligent actions of the other party were the direct cause for your sustained injuries. As you build your claim, you will need to accumulate evidence from multiple sources in order to prove your personal injury claim and receive the compensation you are entitled to. If your evidence is lacking, you may be left with accident-related expenses that will remain uncompensated for.

Below, we have put together a solid basis of evidence which you will need in order to ensure a successful claim. Though it should be noted that each case is unique in nature, and some cases may need additional evidence.

Accident Report

Having a good injury lawyer in Kitchener can help you in obtaining copies of accident and police reports is the basis of any accident claim. This is because of the objectivity and professionalism that is displayed in any accident report, whereas witness statements and the such are all naturally subjective in nature. Getting your hands on a copy of a police report shouldn’t be too difficult when it comes to car accidents, since they are easily obtained from the Collision Reporting Center. However, if you do find that no report has been filed to begin with, you may report the accident now and obtain the report later on.

Slips and falls, nursing home abuse, and other types of accidents will oftentimes bring forth incident reports which can also be highly important for filing your personal injury claim. However, if you find yourself struggling to obtain any of these reports, you can always reach out to your lawyer and they will obtain them on your behalf. As most lawyers work on contingency basis, it helps to hire their services as they do not require upfront fees.

Medical Records

Since you have got out medical attention immediately following the accident, you will be able to obtain medical records from all the health care providers involved. These may be records from the hospital, the emergency responders, psychologists, physical therapists, or any other specialists you seek out during your recovery period.

The professional documentation of these injuries will be vital to prove the seriousness of your injuries, while additionally proving that they stemmed directly from the accident. It would also be wise to add records from your primary health care provider which reflect your health condition prior to the accident.