Legislation Surrounding Auto Insurance

Have car accident injury victims been targeted to be treated unfairly by auto insurance legislation? You may be the victim of a car injury accident and wondered why auto insurance legislation seems to be unfair toward you. You are not alone, even some auto injury lawyers have been noticing, in recent years, that the legislation surrounding auto insurance is spiraling downward concerning the rights of car accident victims. There have been a lot of changes made in these last few years and it has been quite noticeable. Some of the changes in legislation surrounding auto insurance include:

1. A reduction of certain benefit limits, such as catastrophic and non-catastrophic limits and non-earner benefits.
2. Care and rehabilitation for injury victims that have been catastrophically impaired has been cut in half.
3. Medication, rehabilitation and attendant care coverage limits have been combined and reduced a significant amount.
4. Non-earner benefits had been payable for life to those that were not employed when they were injured but the changes in benefits have been reduced to two years maximum.
5. Periods of rehabilitation, if you suffered non-catastrophic injuries, dropped to only five years, a drop of half the years of previous coverage.
6. Mediation options have been eliminated, which means there is no way to bring a lawsuit against an insurance company if there are accident benefit disputes.

To those that represent rights for accident injury victims these changes have come as a complete shock. In many places, including Ontario, auto insurance is a requirement for all motorists. In case of a vehicle accident, drivers and passengers are meant to be protected by the mandatory auto insurance. This leaves a lot of people puzzled about who is really protected when legislation drastically cuts their rights to compensation and benefit amounts. Injury Lawyer in Milton can help you get the right way with the insurance company. Even if your claim has been denied, they can help you file an appeal. All that you need to do is consult with the right lawyer to get the assistance.

These auto insurance law changes are to benefit the consumer by reducing insurance premiums, according to legislators. People are wondering if they really are saving by paying a little less to have deep reductions in benefits. It does not seem to be fairly balanced for the consumer and could actually do more harm down the road.

It seems to many industry professionals and lawmakers, upon examination of these policies, the insurance companies are boosting profits while drivers are not benefitting. This does not seem to be a fair distribution for anyone other than the insurance companies due to it being mandatory that drivers purchase insurance.