Does Long Term Disability Claim Count Gradual Return To Work Plan And Provisions of Rehabilitation?

If you are receiving benefits due to an accident, you may not understand all the words that are in the insurance policies and documents regarding your injury and accident, as well as what is covered and what is not. What is meant by these words can lead you to feel uncertain of coverage or wonder if you have paid into it all these years and won’t receive a dime of it back.

If you receive a notice that you were approved for benefits, then you can count on some money coming in but for how long and how much is the question, as all that depends on several factors. You are probably assigned a case manager who will review your claim from time to time to determine if you are meeting the criteria and what could be done differently in order to heal yourself and be back to work or back to normal as soon as possible.

If the case manager determines that rehabilitation is necessary for your claim, you will need to have a consult done in order to continue receiving your assistance as needed. You may be instructed to visit an occupational rehab or maybe you need to see a different type of rehabilitation but your case manager can help you determine the best place to go. The main purpose for rehabilitation is to determine what can be done to ensure that you can return to work a lot quicker than what you originally planned to. If you take the necessary steps to help reach these goals then you are going to get better quicker and you may receive benefits without any further argument or appealing needed.

It’s important that you do a gradual return to work instead of nothing and then suddenly returning. So in a case where you can be off for eight weeks, you may return the first week for just a day or two. The third week, you may be able to increase that to a stead three days per week and then slowly build up as long as you keep your appointments with the doctors and follow the orders that was given to you.If you think that you don’t need to follow doctor’s orders, you are wrong. In order to receive benefits for as long as it’s been determined, you must follow the orders of your doctor. Your case manager assigned to you will be supervising treatment and documenting it all in order to determine, if further benefits are needed or necessary.

Find a good lawyer that can represent you and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by everything that is said or being done to you by the case manager. They have a job to do and they will do it, meanwhile, you may feel intimidated by it or not sure of what to expect. Your personal injury lawyer in Kitchener will be the voice for your and will assist you when you need it the most.