What Does It Mean To Drive Defensively?

If you fail to drive defensively, then you invite the chance for a motor vehicle accident. If you do drive defensively, then you work to prevent such an accident. You do that by considering what sort of action another driver might take. Obviously, you cannot read the mind of each person that sits behind the wheel of a car, truck, van or SUV. Still, you can form in your mind all the possible moves that a given driver might take. You can work to prevent another driver’s performance of what might be called a dumb move.

Do you have the mindset of a defensive driver?

You have a defense-minded way of thinking, if you have learned to pay attention to what is on the road. In that case, you will not get distracted. You will not start thinking that you can do two things at once.

You reduce your chances for being involved in an accident if you adhere to the rules of the road. Most particularly, you should remain at a safe distance from the car in front of you. By the same token, someone that is driving on a freeway should not drive quite slowly, forcing the following driver to slow down markedly.

Of course, there are times when the driver in front of you has to slow down. Still, you should not assume that you know why a driver has chosen to slow down. You should not assume that you can guess how rapidly or how slowly the same driver will change the speed at which he or she is traveling.

The pitfall in making assumptions

When drivers keep assuming knowledge of what will happen, that then encourages the creation of accidents. For example, suppose that you believe that you have seen the driver in front of you move forward, and you think you know how fast that forward movement will be. In that case, you might be tempted to follow the same car rather closely, thinking that is will soon be moving away.

If the driver suddenly stops, you will not be prepared. It could be that you might hit the vehicle that seems to have no good reason for the manner of its movements. If you have followed too closely, you might even cause an accident.

Do not assume that your vehicle will perform as well today as it did yesterday. Study the manual. Find out how frequently a given component needs to be changed. Pay special attention to the condition of your vehicle’s turn signals, brake lights and mirrors. Be sure that the vehicle’s windows have not been covered in something that might obstruct their view.

One other way to have a defensive mindset

If you become involved in an accident, do not admit blame. You can express concern for others, but do not say that you helped to cause some else’s accidental injury. It is best to consult with personal injury lawyer in Milton and then proceed with the claim.