What Are The Claims of Gross Negligence?

The majority of personal injury cases deal with some form of negligence. This can be from vehicle accidents or medical mistakes. There is often a certain level of negligence involved in these types of cases. Sometimes more than carelessness that leads to an injury happens, and when this is the case, it is considered gross negligence. Gross negligence has the potential for punitive damages charges and financial compensation. Read More

How Negotiation Ensures That A Settlement Works Out

If you have ever went to an outdoor market and tried to bargain with someone on something you wanted, a settlement negotiation can be just like this. You and the insurance adjuster will both roughly throw out the number that you believe the damages are worth. Anytime your injury lawyer in Lindsay is working on a settlement, they will go through this process of communicating with each other back and forth until an agreement is reached. The process can include: Read More

Can I Represent My Own Injury Claim For Settlement?

If you have a personal injury case, you may be wondering if you should handle your own case or if you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Kitchener to represent you. There are some scenarios that you can represent yourself If you have the basic knowledge of insurance claims as well as being organized. However, if your insurance company Denys your claim or reduces the amount you are awarded, it may be hard to take them back to court and try to claim the rest. Read More