Procedures And Policies For Victims of Accident During Use of Car-Sharing Service

For those that need a temporary and inexpensive mode of transportation, ride-sharing services seem like the perfect solution. Still, the apparent benefits provided by such a service tend to hide the drawbacks, particularly those that relate to insurance coverage for any accident victims.

The rider’s responsibility, if shared vehicle becomes involved in an accident

If the ride-sharing company has good insurance coverage, the nature of the rider’s responsibility depends on who in the car has been authorized to drive. If the authorized person is sitting behind the steering wheel, the rider might need to pay only a small deductible. On the other hand, if a different person has been allowed to drive, then a rider might need to pay an amount that comes to 4 times the size of the deductible.

Some companies offer only limited coverage, typically collision, liability and comprehensive. Among such companies, those that elect to ride in a shared vehicle could need to take on an added responsibility. The authorized driver may be asked to carry a certain amount of added coverage. If the driver does not have any insurance, there might be an issue and you will need to contact with a lawyer to know more about how to go about the insurance claim.

Steps that a rider should take, if shared car collides with another vehicle

• Obtain as much documentation as possible from the driver of the other vehicle. Provide that same driver with documents that relate to your shared automobile.
• If anyone has been seriously injured, place a 9-1-1 call for an ambulance. Expect the police to arrive, as well.
• Get the names and contact information for any witnesses.
• Take pictures of the damage and the location.
• Report the incident to the car-sharing company. That company will need to contact its insurance carrier.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener. Show that lawyer any papers that you signed as part of the ride-sharing agreement. Share details on accident, such as when and where it occurred. Maybe the incident took place at a spot where other reported accidents have resulted in some type of damage.

Work with the lawyer to locate any businesses in the area that had a camera focused on the accident site. Footage from that camera could help with revealing the identity of the responsible driver. If the other driver was responsible, the riders should not need to pay a great deal of money. If you were injured, provide the attorney with any medical bills, to indicate the size of your medical expenses. Tell your lawyer, if your doctored declared you to be at maximum medical improvement.