Protections And Exemptions Created By Premises Liability Law

Some people love to shop; others hate shopping and delay that chore until the last minute. Still, no shopper should feel unsafe, when walking into a store. In fact anyone that enters any business or public building should feel safe and secure. The Premises Liability Law seeks to ensure them of such security.

According to that Law, the owner of a property is responsible for any injuries suffered by a guest or any person that has entered the same piece of property. That injury might result from a simple slip and fall incident, or it might have been caused by the owner’s failure to adhere to all of the Law’s provisions.

The provisions that may have been ignored

A property that has a pool needs to have a lifeguard or some provision for guarding swimmers. It should have the equipment that might be used to rescue someone a non-swimmer that ventured into deep water. It should have a fence that can keep young non-swimmers from wandering into the area of the pool. The pool’s diving board must be safe, if it has one.

The property might have inadequate lighting. It could have stairways that lack a handrail. It could be that not all of the buildings on that property have been inspected, and have passed that inspection. Perhaps one of them houses a building violation.

If children are playing on the property, then the owner must note the location of their play activities. If any of them came on bicycles, then their bikes need to be removed from any entranceway. In addition, those children should not be allowed to engage in play activity near a spot where an innocent action might put them in danger.

Maybe the property is guarded by a canine, but the same animal has not been placed under any restraints. Because that unrestrained dog has cannot been controlled, it is able to attack any guest.Guard dogs do serve a purpose. Each of them can attack an unwanted intruder. Still, guests need to be protected from such vicious, four-legged guards.

People that do not need to be protected

Anyone that has planned to commit a criminal act would not be protected, assuming that the building that was entered had not been booby-trapped. Any trespassers; again the same rules about booby-trapping intruders apply. Those that have knowingly assumed the risk associated with entrance onto a specific property. For example, someone that has agreed to go in and destroy a known booby-trap.

Yet there are times when the law favors the trespasser over the property owner. The owner cannot create a condition that is designed to cause injury. The owner has no right to dictate the punishment that will be given to the trespasser. In the event of an emergency, members of law enforcement should not feel at risk, when entering any property. Call on injury lawyer in Milton to represent the accident victim’s rights.