Staying Safe While Still Having Fun At The Water Park

Summer is soon upon us and with summer come the public swimming pools and their more extreme cousins: the water parks. All over Ontario, water parks have been shooting out of the ground and attracting the local public. Regardless of the age of the visitor, there is something for everyone: the smaller water slides for kids who learned to swim the summer before, and enormous slides even older teens have to dare each other to go down.

While these water parks are a great source of fun, there are also dangers that come along with visiting them. Statistics show that merely four percent of injuries are caused by the actual equipment, while the rest can be traced back to unsafe behavior presented by the visitors. Injury Lawyer in Lindsay knows that in order to avoid becoming part of this statistics, it is best to learn preventative measures ahead of time.

Watch Out For Signs

Pretty much all water parks will have signs all over the walls and fences which dictate safety rules and warn of potential dangers. Heed these warnings and memorize these rules in order to stay safe, and even more importantly: ensure that any child under you care is also aware of them. Children are the most prone to injuries and tend to be reckless, even if they have been made aware of potential dangers. Take them aside and make them promise to follow the rules, if necessary.

Furthermore, you should also ensure that you know where the first aid station is. Any child under your care should also be made aware of the location and know to go there if they get hurt. Because of this, it also makes for a good meet up spot in the event that a family member becomes separated from the group.

Never Run In A Water Park

While this may be something, we are all aware of, it should still be reiterated. It is never safe to run in a water park. Even further away from the pools, there are likely to still be slippery puddles due to people dripping water wherever they go. Even in the pool, there is a chance of slipping so be cautious as you enter and exit the slides and pool.

Don’t Dive into The Shallow End

Never jump or dive into shallow areas of the pool. The force with which you will hit the ground can lead to painful injuries. Usually, there are warnings and signs located around the pool which indicated deeper and shallow areas. However, if you do get injured due to the fault of the premise owners or management, you should not hesitate to contact a lawyer and get professional representation.