Steps Of Insurance Investigation For A Personal Injury Claim

Now, even though the majority of the accidents and the personal injury claims as a result are going to be a matter of insurance, most of these would never even reach the courtroom. But it’s still important to understand that an investigation is going to be carried out. There are some things that have to be considered and even though Ontario is governed by the “no fault” rule pursuant to the Rules of Fault Determination in the Insurance Act, an investigation and assigning of fault would be carried out. However, it would be done by the insurance company. This is done so that it could be thoroughly reflected in the amounts of the monthly premiums.

Rules of Fault Determination

The process of the entire investigation is consisted of quite a few steps along the way. However, it’s important for the insurer that it’s completely factual and true in order for it to reflect properly on your insurance record and on your premiums.

The first thing that’s going to happen is that the insurer is going to open a file for your case and all of the pertaining documents are going to be collected within it. This is logical as all of the paperwork has to be handled correctly. After that the insurer is going to get the information out of the insured – his explanation of the case and the circumstances around it.

The next thing that the company is going to do is to contact the police department or the local department of motor vehicles and get the official records of the accident. They are then attached to the file as part of the documentation. Responding to the particular claims comes afterwards. Of course, this step is strongly optional as claims might not have been filed.

Afterwards the insurance company is going to try and understand everything that they are dealing with by investigating the injured parties. Of course, getting the medical records of the injured is also crucial and essential for the insurance company as it’s going to potentially determine the amount of the owed compensation. Your personal injury lawyer is going to work to ensure that you get maximum amount of compensation.

After this is through, the insurer is going to determine the particular value of the accident and of your injury and he’s going to make you a settlement offer which you aren’t obligated to accept. You can, however, accept it and file a civil lawsuit towards the “at fault” party if you feel like the compensation isn’t enough. However, you also have the claim to dispute the offer and request an adequate one from the insurer himself. In any case, you want to make sure that the entire record is factual and true as this is going to reflect on the overall offer that the insurer is going to make you.