What To Do About Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Claims?

If you have a slip and fall accident and you were on somebody’s property, when it occurred, or you were in a vehicle accident or even attacked by a neighbor’s dog, you will want to find out what the deal is with your insurance company as soon as possible. In order to receive some type of compensation, you have to meet with investigators and claims adjusters, hired by the insurance company. You will also most likely speak to the insurance company about your claim however, remember that the insurance has a goal to spend as little as possible and keep you happy too. There are four tactics that insurance companies will try to use in order to deny a claim. Here they are and what you can do about it.

Tactic 1: We’re on your side, so you don’t need a lawyer

When an accident occurs, a claims adjuster will be one of the first people you will hear from. When an insurance company acts quickly, this allows the adjuster time to befriend you and meanwhile you are still trying to deal with what just happened to you so it may be difficult to answer questions.

The claims adjuster or investigator can help you by suggestion some ways you can save money and not hire an Injury Lawyer in Kitchener. They may say things that make you believe they are actually on your side however the truth is, you need your own representation because the insurance company is counting on the claims adjuster to get you paid with minimal amounts.

Tactic 2: Tricking you into giving a statement they can use against you later

When you are in a hospital or just released after receiving your injuries, you may be in shock, on medication, or suffering to the point that you can’t really think things through rationally. Most adjusters will try and visit you within twenty-four hours after the injury occurred and in many times, they will record your statement and there is no way to change it later on and this statement, right or wrong, will be used in court when filing or denying a claim.

Tactic 3: Please sign this medical release so we can begin working on your claim

If you are visited by your claims adjuster while you are in the hospital and they hand you a paper asking you to sign it, don’t until you have the time to read through it. They may get you to sign a general medical authorization that will request all records from a doctor that is treating you and they can use the information to argue your point in court, including bringing up pre-existing conditions. Don’t sign anything while you are in the care of a doctor until you have consulted with your lawyer.

Tactic 4: Denying liability to delay paying claims

Insurance companies don’t want to pay for anything and that is why it’s important that you recognize when you are being asked to sign something in order to speed things along. There is no need to rush anything. Instead contact your lawyer, have them look over everything before you sign anything.