The Most Frequent Types of Motorcycle Accidents In Ontario

When motorcycle riders know what hazards and behaviors tend to create a situation that increases the chances of an accident, then they can act to avoid such situations. Every motorcycle rider in Ontario ought to study the following list of dangerous situations/behaviors.

A distracted driver: Some motorcycle riders insist on using a cell phone, while rolling down the road.

Intersection accidents: In these situations, the person seated on a motorcycle usually becomes the victim. A driver fails to note the presence of that rider’s 2-wheeled vehicle, and attempts to make a left hand turn, just when that same vehicle has entered the intersection.

Excessive speed: Drivers find it hard to spot motorcycles. That difficult task becomes even harder when the motorcycle’s speed exceeds the speed limit. In addition, speed increases the dangerous aspect of some object on the road. A rider is likely to get hurt, if his or her bike hits such an object.

Blind spot accidents: Whenever a motorcycle’s path takes it into a lane that is next to a car, bus, van or truck, the rider should try to avoid getting into the other vehicle’s blind spot. That is the spot that cannot be seen by a driver looking in the rear or side view mirror.

Drunk driving accidents: Personal Injury Lawyer in Lindsay know that someone that has been drinking should not hop onto a motorcycle’s seat. Alcohol affects the mind of any driver, regardless of the number of wheels on the driver’s vehicle.

Taking curves too quickly: If a motorcycle is going too fast, the forces on that 2-wheeled vehicle become significantly stronger. An inexperienced rider may not be ready to handle those strong forces. Consequently, that same inexperienced individual cannot keep the motorcycle’s wheels from venturing off of the road.

Sharing a lane: It may seem like fun to share a lane with another rider, but no one can predict what may lay on the road ahead. It may be that the other rider needs to swerve, in order to avoid some object. In that case, the swerving tires should not get headed towards another 2-wheeled vehicle.

Failure to wear the proper clothing: At night or on a cloudy day, those that have chosen to take to the road on their motorcycles should wear clothing that increases their visibility. Even on a sunny day, come drivers fail to see a rider on a cycle.

In addition, all riders ought to wear the sort of clothing that can protect against road rash. That means wearing boots, gloves and leather pants. Of course, dark leather is hard to spot at night or on a cloudy day. Hence, it would make sense for riders to cover their leather jackets with a fluorescent vest.