Tips On Substantiation In Insurance Claim

Even though adjusters contact claimants, an insurance adjuster is not a claimant’s friend. Each adjuster is looking for a way to pay the lowest amount possible.

The adjuster not always concerned about the claimant’s injuries.

One the adjuster’s goal is to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.The adjuster’s other goal is to get a settlement that has the insurance company paying the lowest amount possible. Strong substantiation of a claim makes the adjuster’s job harder.

Personal injury lawyers in Kitchener are familiar with the tactics that help to strengthen the substantiation of a claim.During the negotiations, the attorney works hard to get the other side to agree to a higher settlement figure.The personal injury lawyer always lets his or her clients know their rights. Part of the attorney’s job entails handling communications with the insurance company.

In addition, the attorney studies the full extent of the client’s damages. Lawyers gather the necessary documents from their clients, and keep those same documents organized.

A personal injury lawyer might demand substantiation from the defendant’s defense team.

For instance, if a defense lawyer has alleged that the plaintiff was partly responsible for his or her injury, the plaintiff’s lawyer might demand substantiation for that allegation.

Sometimes, that substantiating information could come from a medical expert. That would be the case, if the defense has claimed that the plaintiff should have been wearing some form of protection, due to the fact that the same client had a pre-existing medical condition.

If there was some issue with the road on which the collision took place, the defense team might have to face an expert highway engineer. If the 2 sides had offered very different versions for what had taken place, the personal injury lawyer might seek the help of an expert in the reconstruction of roadway accidents.

The words of an expert should do a good job of substantiating the claims made by those on the side of the plaintiff-lawyer team. Adjusters like to pretend that they have knowledge of legal issues or an understanding of medical issues, but that is not the case. A good personal injury lawyer consults with experts, instead of believing the allegations that have been made by the defendant’s legal team.

The lawyer’s organized documents serve as a source of more substantiating evidence. Sometimes, the lawyer has found videotape that can supplement the work of the documents. However, in some states, that videotape should not have any audio. That rules out any thought for using a taped interview of a witness.

Still, a lawyer’s skills should be enough to compensate for any inability to introduce certain pieces of evidence. That skill-set should include the ability to substantiate claims.