Tricks Insurance Companies Use To Destroy Claim For Accidental Injury

An insurance company has to honor the claims made by someone that qualifies for disability insurance, unless that same company can uncover a weakness in the presented claim. It might use one of the following tricks to ensure the success of its effort to win the promised payments.

Compare your statements to others

The insurance company that issues your benefits can examine what your doctor has written in his reports. It can look for those times when you made reference to a medical problem that has not been mentioned in your doctor’s report. The company’s lawyers know how to blow up even a small inconsistency. That is why you need to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Milton.

Look at your pre-accident history

The insurance company will dig out the information that sheds light on your earning potential in the past. It will also look for any reference to your social behavior in the past. You cannot hide from the past. Your past medical history might be able to help you. That would certainly be the case, if the insurance company could find almost no mention in the literature of conditions similar to yours. Of course, you need to have some document from your personal doctor, so that no one can claim that you did not lie about possession of a difficult-to-treat illness.

Compare what you reported to tax authorities with the salary figure given to the insurance company

Do not get alarmed when you hear about this trick. An insurance company could never report your salary to the tax authorities. If you manage to supplement your salary in some way, do not hide that fact from the institution that hands out disability payments. Your honesty should help you to avoid the disappointment that comes with being denied benefits.

Check to see if you missed any treatments

This might be the trick that proves most difficult to handle. Certainly, you want to get your scheduled treatments. Still, you might come down with a terrible cold, and not feel up to going into the designated treatment facility. Hopefully, you can offer proof of your run-in with a cold virus.

Focus on the report submitted by the ambulance attendants.

This can create problems for you, because the body’s hormonal response to an accident works to hide a certain amount of pain. Therefore, you might not be in great pain, when you get questioned by the ambulance attendant. If you do not get a ride in an ambulance, following the accident, be sure that you visit your personal physician.

Use surveillance tactics

Be wise to use of this trick. Remember what you said, regarding the activities that you can and cannot perform. Do not let someone that is observing your actions see you doing something that you claimed you could not do.