Typical Reasons For Commercial Truck Accident

Due to their large size and the challenges associated with controlling such a large vehicle, commercial trucks can become involved in catastrophic accidents. What are the factors that might act to cause such a tragic event?

Negligent act by driver

A ringing cell phone might have distracted the driver. Alternately, the driver’s attention might have been focused on creation of a text message. At times, drivers’ negligence relates to their desire to consume an item of food or a drink.

Injury Lawyer in Milton know that some drivers get drowsy, because their employers have asked them to maintain a fatiguing schedule. Obviously, a drowsy individual cannot display a quick reaction to an emergency. Unfortunately, a slow reaction can lead to occurrence of a tragic accident.

A driver’s negligence could have involved consumption of an alcoholic beverage. Alternately, it might have consisted of using some type of illegal substance. Drivers that do not plan ahead could make a mistake, when executing a wide turn. Drivers’ readiness to plan their moves should emerge from proper training.

Possible negligence on the part of the driver’s employer

Failure to provide employees with sufficient training: Drivers’ training often includes instructions on how to secure a load. Naturally, it should also provide each future driver with the chance to learn how to handle the truck’s controlling components.

Failure to maintain trucks properly: For instance, not checking on the functionality of a truck’s GPS system. A malfunctioning GPS system could cause the person in the driver’s seat to become confused, regarding the location of the next scheduled stop.

Asking employees to strive for realization of a poorly conceived deadline. An employee’s effort at meeting such a deadline could cause hasty loading, speeding, or an absence of required breaks. In other words an employer’s negligence could trigger displays of a driver’s negligence.

Possible equipment failures

A mistake that had been made by a mechanic or by someone at a part-making facility could cause a truck to malfunction. That malfunction could then cause the driver to lose control of that huge vehicle. Any out-of-control vehicles would have the ability to contribute to occurrence of an accident.

There might be some problem with equipment on the road. For instance, the lighting on a given sign might be inadequate, causing a driver’s drowsy eyes to miss the message on that same sign.

The possibility of such a failure does not receive much public attention. It was never mentioned, when one truck’s driver failed to make use of a turn-off point, while fighting the forces that had been created by a run-away vehicle. The Colorado court blamed the defendant (the unfortunate driver).