What Is the“No Fault” Rule In Automobile Accidents?

Like it or not, accidents happen. Unfortunately, when it comes to car accidents the results are most commonly incredibly severe. The truth is that they often tend to end in grave mutilations, serious orthopedic injuries and in some cases, even in death. However, this is why the regulations which govern this particular field of the law are so stringent and they offer little to no room for maneuvering on behalf of those involved in the accident. In any case, the province of Ontario is without a doubt one of the leaders in car accidents in Canada and the reasons for this remain unknown. Following the legislation in situations of the kind is crucial for the proper development of the events.

The “No fault” insurance policy means that the insurance company is always going to have to pay your benefits under the policy that you’ve agreed upon regardless of whether you are the driver who was responsible for the accident in the first place. While the lawful regulations which govern car accidents might be incredibly stringent, this particular provision could be considered rather lenient as it liberates the driver partially from the responsibility that he has to carry as a result of his action. However, on the other hand, he is dully paying for this insurance as he is obligated to do so by state laws.

There is one differentiation that has to be made in this particular event. The “no fault” automobile insurance system in the province of Ontario is only going to apply to bodily injuries and it’s not going to cover any kinds of property damage and if such had occurred you are going to have to pay them yourself.

However, the “no fault” system poses a lot of different benefits for both the injured and the one who caused the accident. The latter could direct his claim straight towards the insurance company and he’s going to know that if something happens he would have a claim towards a prosperous debtor who’s going to have money to pay him off. This is not always the case if you have directed your claims towards a regular person because the latter might not have sufficient funds to pay off the damages.

Now, it’s also worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean that fault isn’t assigned at all. The insurance company is going to conduct their own research in order to determine which one of the vehicles involved in the car accident was at fault. This is going to have a deep impact on your down-payments for your insurance as you have officially become a risk driver in the eyes of the insurance company and you’d have to provide a better insurance. However, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer in Toronto in your corner so that the insurance company’s legal team cannot lowball you.