What To Anticipate After You Have Contacted Your Insurance Company

Your contact with your own insurance company would probably relate to accident-linked information and any associated records.

Who should you call?

You could call your agent. In that case, you would want to ask for confirmation of the fact that the information on the reported accident has been shared with the Claims’ Department. You could also call the Claims’ Department, or use the website to share information with the insurers.

The insurance agency’s legal rights

It has the right to access your relevant medical information.

It has the right to demand payment of subrogation, if another insurance provider has already provided you with needed coverage.

It has the right to request cooperation.

—That means help with securing the names of witnesses
—That also means assistance with obtaining a videotaped statement from you
—It could ask you to provide the adjuster with information that you have already shared with your insurance agent.

What the legal limits on the requested cooperation mean to you:

You have control over the determination of what should be considered as relevant to the reported accident. The insurance agency should send you a form to sign. That form should state what records the adjuster is hoping to obtain.

You have the right to review that same form, and to cross out the designation for any group of records that you do not want the adjuster to see, as long as those same records are not related to the reported accident. If you have hired an attorney, you should seek your attorney’s help, when completing that particular task.

Once that task has been completed, you can sign the form and send it back to the source, or to some other, designated location. You would have cooperated with the insurance company, while protecting your legal rights.

Claimants that have hired a personal injury lawyer in Milton do not have to devote a lot of time and effort towards the task paying the funds associated with subrogation. That is one of the big advantages to retaining an attorney, after a car accident.

A policyholder that believes that no one was injured, as a result of the collision, might choose to forego the job of selecting a lawyer. Still, that would not eliminate the possibility that some slow-to-show symptoms might make an appearance at a later date.

Welcome the request for a chance to inspect your vehicle. The observations made by those that were working for your own insurer could differ from those made by the adjuster at the defendant’s insurance company.

That difference could weaken, or call into question the veracity of the other adjuster’s findings. It might even force a re-evaluation of who should be blamed for the accident.