What To Do When You Are Responsible For Causing An Accident

If you are the one guilty of causing an accident, there is a high chance of you being held liable for the damages which have resulted from your negligent actions. Additionally, if somebody was injured, there are also things to watch out for as to not worsen your situation. In order to help you navigate the waters following this event, we have put together a guide on how to proceed.

First Steps

While still at the scene, you should notify the police, especially in cases of motor vehicle collisions. This is because the police will want to take statements from both involved parties, and bystanders who may have witnessed the accident. Following this, the police officer will file a police report which may come in use later on in a potential case of exaggeration or misleading information on the plaintiff’s part.

Furthermore, and still at the scene of the accident, you will want to be cooperative with emergency responders and law enforcement. This means staying out of their way so they can do their jobs, while also being considerate of other involved parties’ injuries. Getting up in everybody’s faces and acting like your problems and concerns should be the priority will only hurt you further down the line.

With everybody still at the scene, you will also want to obtain the contact information from everybody else at the scene, this includes witnesses and the other involved parties. What you need to be looking for is everybody’s name, address, and cell phone number so you can give it to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kitchener. And for the other involved parties, you will additionally write down their insurance information, as well as their license plate number. You might require the information or your lawyer will need it to help strengthen your case.

Another thing to take care of at the scene, is taking pictures of all the damages and injuries, as well as photos of your surroundings, and maybe even license plates. Feel free to take as many as you like, and of everything you feel could be important to the case, such as road and weather conditions, objects on the road or hazards.

If you feel you have also been injured in the accident, be sure to seek out medical attention as well. For one, this will ensure your own health and safety, but additionally, it will also ensure that you have the necessary medical records, should you find yourself in a position in which you can file your own claim against another involved party, or maybe even a third party.