What You Might Be Able To Do If You Were Hit By An Under-Insured Driver?

Certain states have rules that apply to damage caused by an uninsured motorist. Those rules state that the insurance company covering the hit driver must cover the damages up to a certain limit. If the damages exceed that limit, then the driver must find a way to cover the costs of the repair job.

Those rules do not always apply to a situation in which someone got hit by an under-insured driver. Drivers in Canada do not have to worry about that possibility, as long as their budget has arranged for the payment of a Family Protection Endorsement.

What is a Family Protection Endorsement?

That is a supplement that can be added to any insurance policy sold in Canada. It provides the person that bought such a supplement with money to cover the short fall between the amount of paid by the vehicle-owner’s policy and the actual cost of the damages from a recent accident. The vehicle-owner’s policy does not cover payment of that same short fall.

Does it make sense to spend money on a Family Protection Endorsement?

To some drivers, the purchase of such a supplement may seem like an extravagance. Indeed, there are only a limited number of situations in which a driver risks suffering a serve hit from an under-insured driver. Still, the consequences that get linked to such an event, if the driver lacks such a supplement, underscore the wisdom behind paying that added amount of money.

For example, suppose that you and members of your family are returning home from a weekend at a ski resort. You chose to go on a holiday weekend, so that you could enjoy an extra day. Unfortunately, that is also a weekend when the traffic police are keeping an eye out for drunk drivers.

Sadly, those traffic police fail to catch one such driver. He drives rapidly towards the intersection where you have stopped at a red light. He plows into your car. He apologizes and gives you his insurance information. Later you find out that he was under-insured.

Because you had your family in the car, you must seek compensation for more than damage to your automobile. Some of your family members might have been injured. You may have to take time off from work, in order to help them go to any prescribed treatment sessions. Additionally, it will help to talk with a personal injury lawyer in Lindsay.

Admittedly, you may never have to deal with such a situation. Still, this story illustrates clearly why it makes sense to buy a Family Protection Endorsement. You have not provided your wife and children with a satisfactory level of protection, unless you have chosen to obtain a supplement that offers the policy holder that sort of coverage.