When To Report A Motor Vehicle Accident And What Happens If You Neglect To Do So

When it comes to major accidents, most people know which steps to take, but when it comes to minor or less serious collisions, many feel confused by what to do. What everyone should know, however, is that, if you neglect to report select types of accidents, you could be confronted by serious consequences in the future. To help you avoid said consequences, we have put together a step-by-step guide in which we will tell you what exactly you need to do during the aftermath of the accident, and what would happen if you failed to do so.

Be Safe, Know the Law, Report To The Police

Most people believe that reporting an accident to the police is a matter of personal preference, though that is far from true. There are rules which have been put into place which categorize the severity of accidents, and thus also which ones will need to reported under all circumstances. Usually, there is a set dollar amount of estimated damages from which point on reporting the accident becomes a necessity.

If you neglect to do so, the police will be able to charge you for leaving the scene; a charge which will increase the payments you have to make to your insurance company and, more importantly, potentially also end with you being forced to pay high fines or spent time in jail. To avoid the risk, be sure to take time to properly assess the damage done so you can be sure you are obeying the law as you leave the scene.

Always Report To Your Insurance Company

All insurance companies want to be notified, regardless of how minor the damage. You may be under the illusion that paying for the damages yourself is completely okay, but you’d be wrong. Failure to notify your insurance company about the accident can have disastrous consequences. Hire the services of an injury lawyer in Lindsay and let them handle the details of the legalities. They understand the working of the insurance companies and the way the adjusters will try to low ball their clients. That is why the legal advisors ensure that you get a better deal when you hire them to protect your rights.

If another involved driver reports the accident to their insurer, whereas you have neglected to report to your own, your insurer will be contacted by the other party’s in order to start negotiations regarding the claim. When this happens, things get rather uncomfortable for you. And if, on top of this, you are also found to be partially at fault for causing the accident in the first place, you will find your insurance rates going up significantly.