Who Could An Accident Victim Sue, If At-Fault Driver Had Become A Fatality?

A fatal car accident might kill the at-fault driver, but not necessarily all of those that were injured during that same tragic event.

Factors that might determine the best way to answer the question in this article’s title

Who was the insurer of the at-fault party’s vehicle? The injured victim could submit a personal injury claim at that the company that was run by that same insurer.

If the at-fault party had been uninsured, then the insured victim would need to discover the value of that same party’s estate. At the same time, it would help to learn what other resources or assets the at-fault party had at the time of his or her passing?

Assistance provided to injured victims that have hired a lawyer, upon learning about the death of the at-fault party

The injury attorney in Kitchener would study the value of the victim’s own resources.

A hired attorney could check to see what sort of options might get included in the list of actions that the injured victim chose to pursue.

—Perhaps someone else was at least partly to blame for the injury sustained by one or more of the accident victims. Had some other motorist been a bit reckless or negligent?
—Maybe some group of drivers had carried out a scheme, whereby the now deceased driver had been made to look like the motorist-at-fault.
—A lawyer could check to see if some traffic sign had been obscured by foliage, or if some traffic light had malfunctioned.
—Was there any evidence of a quarrel or disagreement between the decedent and some other person? Could it be that the same person had intentionally carried out an action that looked like road rage? If that were true, then the victim would have strong grounds for making a claim against the raging motorist.

A personal injury lawyer might be able to file an uninsured motorist claim against the insurance company of the recently deceased and at-fault driver.

Lawyers can investigate all the possibilities.

—Had some mechanic made a mistake, or committed an oversight, when working on the decedent’s vehicle. Had the mechanic’s error contributed to the accident’s occurrence?
—Had the decedent purchased the vehicle from a dealer that had failed to share the information, concerning a recall notice? If that were the case, then the insurance company for the same dealership could be asked to cover at least a portion of the victim’s medical expenses.
—Had the driver’s air bag malfunctioned in some way? Had it opened too early or too late? If so, then the victim might be able to get some money from the company that had made and marketed that poor-functioning air bag.