Who Is Liable In Underside Accidents?

Underside accidents occur very often. These types of accidents refer to a highway accident occurs when a small car collides with a large truck and the car then ends up underneath the trailer of the truck.

The underside accident can cause severe injuries, and sometimes death, depending on many factors. The most common injures include being dragged or crushed. Many cars have the same height as the trailer on the truck, that is why it is easy for a car to become lodged underneath the trailer after direct impact occurs.

When this type of accident occurs, the tractor trailer driver may be the first person that is blamed for the accident when bystanders begin to arrive. Oftentimes, the commercial truck driver is the one who is held responsible for causing the accident. Additionally, they may also responsible for negligence as well. They can be held for negligence when one of the following occurs:

The taillights of the truck are either very dim or broken. Sometimes the wiring becomes old and they lights are faulty. This makes it impossible for a driver following the truck to be able to see the commercial trailer slow down or come to a stop until its too late.

• When the tractor trailer is driving at low speeds in order to avoid breaking speed limits.
• Not using emergency flashers or signals
• Failing to putting the reflective triangles when the tractor trailer is broken down beside of the road.
• Failing to stop at a red light or traffic sign when a car is coming and the car ending up under the trailer because it couldn’t stop in time.

Know the Legal Remedies

Underside accidents are very serious and, in many cases, they can be avoided. The damages done to a vehicle when it goes underneath a trailer may or may not be at fault. If the case cannot be solved, an Injury Lawyer in Lindsay will be needed to represent all parties involved in the accident. When the accident goes to court, the judge/jury will make the decision based on the facts presented to them.

If you are involved in an underside accident, you will want to get a lawyer as soon as possible to represent you and to help look after your best interest. If you have been injured during this type of accident, you need to give yourself time to heal and allow the lawyer you hired to be a part of the process instead of trying to do everything yourself. Your lawyer will go to work for you by gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and collecting police reports and doctor information.