Who Should Be Held Liable For Injury Sustained In Truck Accident?

A truck accident can cause an injured driver or passenger to suffer a large amount of bodily damage. Most trucks are much larger than the average automobile. Trucking accidents also call for consideration of another large item. That is the list of people and businesses that might be held liable for the resulting injuries.

Were those injuries the result of a driver’s error?

Was the driver distracted in some fashion? Had the driver failed to pay attention to the actions of the motorists on the road? Had the driver failed to make good use of the side view mirrors on the transport vehicle? Those questions and others must be answered, in order to determine whether or not the driver might be held responsible.

Could the trucking company be held liable for injuries to the other driver, or to any passengers?

• Had the driver received the proper amount of training?
• Had that company failed to follow all of the recognized trucking regulations?
• Had that company failed to arrange for inspection of the truck that collided with another vehicle? Had it ignored some of the findings that were made by the technicians that did the inspection?
• Did the trucking company give the driver an unrealistic schedule? Had that schedule caused the driver to become exhausted, while still sitting behind the steering wheel?

Could liability for injuries be assigned to a manufacturer of parts?

Did a defective part cause the accident that produced the injuries? Did that defect get introduced at the manufacturing plant, or did it show up during the shipping process?

Did the approach used for loading cargo make the accident more likely to happen?

• Was the driver expected to load the cargo? Had the driver received any instructions, regarding how a load ought to be distributed?
• Did the time for loading cut-into the time when the driver was supposed to be relaxing? Who had established the loading times?

The person that had suffered the injuries would need to hire an Injury Lawyer in Lindsay. That lawyer could check-out the possible causes for the truck’s harmful movements, when it was close to one or more other vehicles. A lawyer might discover that more than one person or business could be held liable for the injuries suffered by an accident-involved motorist, or by an automobile passenger.

Working together, the injured victim and the hired lawyer could decide who to sue. According to the legal system, one person must be the target of a lawsuit. The insurance company of the targeted person or business must cover the awarded compensation. Later, the person or business that has been targeted can elect to go after any of those other people or businesses that might be held liable for the injuries.