Why Not To Talk To The Insurance Adjuster After An Auto Accident?

The other side’s insurance adjuster is a person who will be working on behalf of your insurance company to assess the damages from an auto accident. They are not directly involved in the case itself, but their role is critical to understanding how much money you will receive for your injuries and losses after an accident.

Personal Injury Case Process

In a personal injury case, the most important thing you can do is to hire an experienced injury lawyer in Kitchener to represent you. The lawyer will be in charge of gathering evidence and negotiating with the other side’s insurance adjuster. It’s important that your injury lawyer has experience dealing with this process because it’s not always as simple as it seems.

General Guidelines

  • Do not talk to the insurance companies.
  • Do not give any information to either party’s adjuster.
  • Do not sign anything, such as a release or waiver of liability, even if it is for something that is essential for your own health care or safety needs after an accident.

When Corporation is Necessary

If you are unsure of what to do or how to proceed, there are several options. You may want to speak with an attorney, who can help guide you through the process.

If a corporation is necessary for your case, it’s best if they contact the other side’s insurance adjuster directly so that they don’t have any unnecessary delays in getting their own paperwork done first. This will prevent unnecessary complications down the road, which could lead them not only losing their settlement but also costing extra money on top of what was already owed by their client.

Other Caveats

Avoid talking to the other side’s insurance adjuster. The insurance company will have a copy of your vehicle inspection, which includes all the damage sustained during an accident and any other information they need to evaluate your claim. They’ll also be able to see what kind of car you drive, where it was parked at the time of impact (if this information is not already in their files), etc., so they can get an idea of how responsible you were for causing their client’s injuries or death.

Do not give a recorded statement: This is because it could affect your ability to negotiate future settlements without having had time for proper reflection on what happened before agreeing with them (and thus making yourself vulnerable).

Legal Assistance

You should consider contacting an injury attorney immediately after an accident. You may have the right to get compensation for your injuries, and you need to know what your legal options are.

You should be aware of the fact that speaking with an insurance adjuster can be problematic if they’re not sympathetic or helpful in dealing with this situation. If they want to discuss settlement terms before talking with a lawyer, then it’s best for them not to contact you at all–and instead wait until after their first meeting with one of us (the lawyers) has taken place so that any information they give us will be based on what they were told by both sides during those meetings.