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Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer Kitchener

Motor Vehicle Accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries such as broken bones, chronic pain, psychological trauma, and unfortunately can sometimes even be fatal. Every year, thousands of Canadians are injured in car accidents. These accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury in the country. It is very common for some types of injuries to surface days after the accident occurred and will not be noticeable right away. In order to get their lives back to normal, victims may require careful medical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of their injuries. The combined loss of wages and other out of pocket expenses following a car accident can put undue stress on victims and their families.

Being involved in a car accident entitles injury victims to accident benefits that include but are not limited to medical rehabilitation, income replacement, and attendant care. Benefits such as caregiving and housekeeping may be available through optional coverage. In the event that a victim’s injuries are placed in the catastrophic category, the amount of coverage available can increase drastically. Unfortunately for car accident victims, insurance companies will attempt to limit or outright deny these benefits.

Tort compensation is available to car accident victims who were not at fault for the accident, where the at-fault party’s insurer is responsible for compensating the injured parties for damages. The damage stemming from tort claims include but are not limited to pain and suffering, loss of wages, and future care costs. Recent changes to Ontario legislation have further complicated what is an already complex process. This makes having an experience personal injury lawyer more important now than ever.

Insurance companies are businesses that try to stay profitable at all costs. This translates into looking out for shareholders more than policyholders. Insurance claims adjusters are tasked with keeping costs low. As a result, denying benefits, withholding payments, and generally delaying the claims process is unfortunately something that is done far too often. Making low-ball offers for Tort claims and trying to get injury victims to accept a substantially smaller amount than they are entitled to is par for the course. Following the recent changes in applicable legislation, the claim process has become even more complicated. This makes having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side more important than ever before.

No matter if the accident is your fault, the other driver didn’t have insurance, or even if they tried to run away for the scene of the accident, you are still entitled to compensation for your injuries. The professional legal team at ABPC Law has helped thousands of Ontario car accident victims get the benefits, compensation and more importantly, the relief that they deserve. Contact ABPC Law now for a free, no obligation consultation and put our team of personal injury professionals in your corner. Get the experience of nearly a century of successful cases and the knowledge that comes with a highly regarded practice. Contact ABPC Law, the personal injury professionals.