Information A Potential Client Should Get When Consulting A Personal Injury Lawyer

Any reputable personal injury lawyer in Kitchener provides potential clients with the opportunity to enjoy a free consultation. Those clients that take advantage of that no-cost meeting should come prepared to ask the most beneficial questions. Below you will find a list of such questions:
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Understand The Difference Between Informed Consent And Regular Consent

There is one distinctive difference between informed consent and regular consent. Giving general consent means that you agree to undergoing a surgery or other procedure, and by giving that consent, you are essentially preventing your doctor from being at risk of criminal battery charges. After all, without consent, your doctor may as well be coming at you with a scalpel while you are still conscious and trying to get away. Read More

Can I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Against The City?

Sustaining an injury on city property can in some cases be blamed on lacking maintenance by the government. In cases like these, you may potentially have a foundation upon which you can build a lawsuit against the city government in order to obtain compensation for your losses. While it is often an individual who is the recipient of a personal injury lawsuit, it can also be a government institution or company. Read More

Staying Safe While Still Having Fun At The Water Park

Summer is soon upon us and with summer come the public swimming pools and their more extreme cousins: the water parks. All over Ontario, water parks have been shooting out of the ground and attracting the local public. Regardless of the age of the visitor, there is something for everyone: the smaller water slides for kids who learned to swim the summer before, and enormous slides even older teens have to dare each other to go down. Read More

Learning To Take The Right Steps In The Event of A Workplace Injury

While some occupations are decidedly more dangerous than others, with most jobs, there is a certain level of risk that comes attached. For some occupations, that risk is heavy machinery, for others it’s merely wet floors. Regardless, the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has reportedly approved over 44,500 benefits claims last year alone. Each report was filed by an employee in the aftermath of a sustained workplace injury which required medical attention. Read More