Does Trespasser That Suffered Dog Bite Have Grounds For Lawsuit?

In most cases, the answer is no. If a trespasser were to enter a property that contained the home of a guard dog, and was then bitten by the same canine, that trespasser could not get compensated, by submitting a personal injury claim. Still, not every situation is the same. There are times when a trespasser’s bad luck could turn in to good luck, in the form of an unexpected compensation. Read More

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Bitten By A Dog?

There are those occasions when a dog is not man’s best friend. In fact, a dog attack can cause serious injury, emotional scarring, and sometimes even death to small children. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog in Ontario, you are covered under the law. Under what’s known as the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, the owner of a dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal. Read More